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Research Profiles

The Research Information Management System (RIMS) Profile Management Module (Symplectic Elements) allows RCSI to manage academic, research and honorary staff profiles.

RIMS Profile Management Module

The Research Profile Module on Symplectic Elements allows researchers and academics to populate their profile and manage all their research and academic information in one place. You are required to make your profile public so that it will be visible and searchable on the rcsi.com/people website. It is important that these profiles are complete so that external parties can see the breadth and depth of our academic and research community, as well as providing information for departmental and annual reports. This is an opportunity to showcase your own work, encourage collaboration and to enhancing RCSI’s reputation.

 1. Access to RIMS Symplectic 

Follow the link: https://rims-profile.elements.symplectic.org

You will be asked for your log in details- if you are asked for user name and password.  Use your RCSI.Com address followed by your windows password.

Email: Username@rcsi.com
Password: **********

When you are logged in you will see the profile dashboard. This dashboard is used to amend and complete your details – it is not how your profile will appear on the RCSI website. The RCSI website pulls the data (which you have set to public) from Elements once a day. Consequently, any changes that you make here will not be visible on rcsi.com until the next day.

2. Setting up a Proxy User on RIMS Symplectic

As a RIMS user, you have the option to nominate other users to act as proxy for you and complete your profile.  You can select the nominated proxy user under the “Impersonate another User” tab on RIMS Symplectic. You still have access to RIMS, even if the proxy is completing your profile. NB: A proxy may be affiliated with more than one PI, and a PI can have multiple proxy administrators.

Please note that the proxy must have RCSI login details in order to be visible on the proxy list and in order to access RIMS. If you are unsure of your RCSI login details contact the IT helpdesk at IThelpdesk@rcsi.ie.

3. Managing and editing your profile

Much of your personal details are already populated from CoreHR, including your name, job title, department.  If you see anything here that is incorrect you cannot amend it yourself- you must contact hroperations@rcsi.ie as these changes can only be made in CoreHR.

Your publications are pulled in automatically using your ORCID iD: a unique, open digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher with the same or a similar name to you. Set up your ORCID ID at the following address www.orcid.org.

Funding awards are uploaded from the RIMS award management system. You should be able to see all the grant data. All grants are public on the website. If you wish to make them invisible, then click on the icon beside each award.

4. Training Material

USER GUIDE: How to Navigate RIMS Symplectic Elements

Training videos are also available to assist with the population of your profile rims-profile.elements.symplectic.org/information.html

  • Login and Landing Page
  • Edit Profile – Profile and Personal Information
  • Edit Profile – Research Areas and Experience
  • Edit Profile – Education, Language and Address
  • Edit Profile – Professional and Teaching Activities
  • Edit Profile – Grants and CV
  • Edit Profile – Manage Delegates
  • Edit Profile – Privacy Level
  • Edit Profile – Publications – overview
  • Edit Profile – Search and Auto Claim

If you require further support, please contact researchprofiles@rcsi.ie. If you have an access issue, please contact IThelpdesk@rcsi.ie.

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