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Professional Development Planning (PDP)

A series of lunch and learn sessions, facilitated by HR, have been scheduled for both employees and managers, please register your interest for the date that suits.

Having reflected on the trends and feedback from recent staff surveys on how we can improve the annual Professional Development Planning (PDP) process, HR have summarized the 2019 process into 9 core messages which are outlined below.

Why we do PDP

1.PDP – means Professional Development Planning – a process to enable you to develop and plan you career at RCSI

2. Managing people is a privilege, we believe PDP is the right thing to do to reflect this

3. Managing for success is an ongoing collective commitment and PDP requires engagement from both managers and employees to work effectively

A successful PDP

4. Conversations matter and should be ongoing, with a minimum of two formal discussions per year

5. When filling out the PDP form, bullet points will suffice to outline objectives, timelines and measures of success

6. You are trusted as an employee and a manager to use your discretion and judgment to make the form work for you

Steer your Career

7. Our theme for 2019 is “Steer you Career” – Employees own their own career and development, managers own facilitating the conversation and process

8. It is up to employees to produce the initial draft of the plan to ensure a committed conversation

9. SMT will track quantity and quality monthly to ensure we can drive even higher levels of engagement

For those staff who cannot attend a session, as always, the general guidelines on the PDP process are available here.

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